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Dear dance addicts and friends 😉
Herewith, I invite you to join the online-streaming-premiere of my last creation:

a site-specific dance performance by subsTANZ – Dresden

Concept and choreography: Massimo Gerardi

Dance/performance: Martin Angiuli, Lorenzo Mattioli

Music: (live) Knuth Jerxsen

Video: Thorsten Burgholz

11th/12th/18th/19th/25th/26th September 2021 – 20.30

Online streaming –
Price of the streaming: 5€
Use the search button by inserting the title: WERT-a site specific dance performance

In his new site-specific dance project WERT, the choreographer Massimo Gerardi concentrates on the juxtaposition of having and being (E. Fromm), as well as establishing a connection to the dichotomy of athlete and artist.
The ‘athlete’ is represented by dynamic, expansive movements, which is predominantly present on stairwells and staircases. Here the urge for self-representation, performance, progress, competition, but also failure is visible. By contrast, stair landings and flat spaces, offer an opportunity for self-recognition, personal questioning and above all, the development of relationship between the two performers. Here the focus is on the ‘artist’.
In both situations, the body movement is shaped by the architecture of the performance venue. WERT has been created, adapted and filmed at three locations: the Mathematikum in Giessen, the European Centre of the Arts-Hellerau, Dresden and the Museum der Moderne Salzburg.
This streaming is the version filmed in Salzburg (Austria).

Supported by the Performing Arts Fund with funds from the Federal Government for Culture and Media (Germany)

The creation of this work was made possible by a grant from the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony

Production partners for the video recordings:

Massimo Gerardi

Master of Arts Dance teacher


subsTANZ – project company – Dresden

LIVE MUSIC : Knuth Jerxsen

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